Classic with an edge, Maria Castelli is an emerging brand focused on the design and production of high-quality leather handbags. Veronica and Cecilia, a mother-daughter team of architects, founded the brand with the vision of combining modern styles with the tradition of European craftsmanship.

We seek to create products that are beautiful, yet functional; fashion-forward yet timeless. Once we are confident we have developed a handbag or accessory that meets these requirements, we do only a limited production to ensure that you, our customer, have an exclusive, (nearly) one-of-a-kind item.

Things are only as good as the materials used to make them. For that reason, we hand-pick everything – each piece of leather, suede, fabric, cord, and hardware – we use to make our products. Having roots in Argentina, where the leather industry is among the best in the world, we know good leather. All of our handbags and accessories are made of 100% genuine, high-quality leather from Italy and France. The leather is unlined to make our products more light-weight, as well as to reveal its luxurious feel. Based on the character of individual collections, we source special materials from places such as Turkey and Ethiopia. 

Maria Castelli products are made in small batches in New York City. We meticulously control the quality of our products. We cut and assemble our handbags and accessories by hand and  take pride in our hand-finished details, as they add to the sophistication and distinction of our bags.

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